2020 Editorial Calendar



The Stronger, Faster, Better You

  • Transformation Feature: First Steps
  • Self-Care in an Election Year
  • Reinvent Your Morning
  • Meal Prep HQ

MARCH 2020

Spring Guide To Style

  • The New Grit
  • The Potato Revolution
  • Special Report: The Junk Science Industrial Complex
  • The Sleep Awards
  • Money and Stress: How to Manage Both Better

APRIL 2020

Look Great at Any Age

  • This Is 50
  • The New, New, New Diet
  • The Denim Guide
  • The Best Foods for Men Awards

MAY 2020

The Strength Issue

  • Chicken, Fish and Steak
  • The Fitness Awards
  • Mental Health Month: Brain Boosts, Mental Meal Hacks

JUNE 2020

Fast & Slow

  • The 6 a.m. CEO All-Stars
  • Work Better
  • The Grooming Awards
  • Men’s Health Month Spectacular!


Summer Fitness + Fun

  • Get Wild: Adventure Fitness Feature
  • Sweat-Wicking Style
  • Home Workout Heroes
  • Heart Health


Fall Guide To Style

  • My Body, My Workout
  • Back to Basics
  • The MH Capsule Collection


The 2020 Project

In 2020, the first generation of American men born in the new millennium will turn 20 years old. They’re not quite men and not quite boys, and as they enter their 20s and contemplate a vast future of constant change, what do health, strength, wellness and America—and the state of the American man—look like through their eyes?

Through an ambitious, multi-platform initiative called The 2020 Project, we will profile and celebrate twenty 20-year-olds of different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, geographic regions, sexual orientations, gender expressions and lifestyles.


The Upgrades Issue

    • 30 Days of Upgrades
    • The Best New Gyms in America
    • Quick Fix Fitness


The Heroes Issue

  • The Ultimate Men’s Health Guy Search
  • The 19th Annual Tech Guide Flip Cover
  • The Winter Adventure Guide